Our projects

Rock Rivers and boulders.

Being based in Colorado, as a team we want to capture the beauty of our natural surroundings but with a keen attention to the water scarcity. Therefore creating a xeriscaping oasis has become our number one request. Creating waterless features we believe is a simple yet effective touch of beauty.

Easy maintenance.

This project was a complete redo, with the client requesting something that would mature with minimal effort but would change throughout the season. Adding mulch, clean lines, and a mix of roses, natives and succulents, this is a garden which has brought much joy.


This client originally had long green lawns, but is very environmentally conscious. After removing all the grass, we created a drought tolerant space with rock garden abundant in grasses, and a wide variety of succulents.


Upon starting the project there was initially a concrete pad, but the client wanted something a bit more European and rustic. So we repurposed recycled bricks and installed a herringbone patio.