Brainstorming. Idea image searching. Creating plans, the logistics and then budgets for our clients, we believe is the most important part of the process.

Every client is unique; there are those who know exactly what they want, whereas others are looking for inspiration. Taking the time to create a design with our clients is crucial.

Firstly, It is the start of turning a dream into a clearly defined reality, for both client and team, whilst fostering a trusting and professional relationship.

Secondly, the team is able to provide a timeline. After the design consultation, Steffy Gardening and Landscapes will provide a day by day itinerary, so as our client knows what to expect, and if there is any disruption, a result of outside forces, through communication, there is the reassurance that the ship is still on course.

Finally, as a team, we hope that this will create a confidence for the client to step in at any point of the process to provide their input. After all, we are just the providers. It is your dream, and we are here to serve. Our only ambition is to create a space better than you could have dreamed of.

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Ongoing Projects



During the consultation, permission will be asked to take photographs of the project, and whether you are comfortable with these images being displayed on social media. Although this is entirely down to the clients discretion, it is a wonderful tool for the company to showcase work they are proud of, hopefully attract future clients, and enables us to improve in the future. We can also provide the photos for the client if they so please.


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